“How can you just leave me standing?
Alone in a world that’s so cold (so cold)
Maybe I’m just too demanding…”

Are you too demanding?   Do you feel you “have” to do most everything?

Many small to mid-sized business leaders (in their quiet moments) admit that “yes” they do.

Not everybody is Prince. Did you know he plays 28 different instruments? And he wrote,
composed, arranged and produced many of his own albums. He also was a genius at distribution.
In fact, Prince became the first artist to exclusively release an album, Crystal Ball, on the internet in 1997.


Collaboration Leads To Success

As great as he was, he couldn’t have done any of it without a whole team of professionals behind him. He firmly believed that collaboration leads to success. Despite his enormous wealth of natural gifts and practiced talent, he knew that success meant hiring the right people to do the work he couldn’t do as part of his team.

And when it came to performing, well, just look at who was on stage. And behind the scenes.
Sound and lighting and staging. ALL of it required to pull it off.


Manage The Result. Not The Process.

Running a business means managing an orchestra of moving parts, each of which fires the engine of your company’s vision, growth, and profitability. Collaboration leads to success. Pure and simple.

I’m not asking you to “hire a recruiter”.   And you probably don’t want to be one either.
After all, I’m pretty sure you didn’t start the company to be the head recruiter. (At least I hope so.)

No. I’m telling you that your future is more than likely going to depend on what you do right now to give a serious look at the results you want 18 months from now.

Look, if you’re a visionary but not great with details, that’s cool. Get this one off your plate.
Find an integrator who can take your ideas and make them happen.


Micromanage = Macrodamage.

So, I have interviewed literally thousands of people and NOT ONE has ever said they like to be micro-managed. Imagine that.

Do that and you lose great people quickly. Companies have gone under because of this.

I’m sure you know all the good ideas don’t have to be yours. You just need to have the
right leader and team to make it happen.

My philosophy is committed to helping business leaders do exactly that with growth objectives through High-Impact Talent (HIT®) acquisition strategies. A few years ago, I ran across this online and I think it nails what I am trying to say.


5 Benefits Of A Collaborative Hiring Strategy 


1. You get more diversity in viewpoints.

Hiring collaboratively will give diverse and wide-ranging perspectives on what your new role ought to look like, how potential candidates measure up to expectations, and what problems could occur in the future. This drastically decreases the risk of bad hires and ensures that any new hire will fit in well with the team culture. Hiring collaboratively will also remind your current team of the incredible value added by a quality new hire.

2. Candidates will like what they see.

Throughout the interview process, candidates are evaluating you as much as you are evaluating them. Any quality candidate is going to want to work in an environment where they’re surrounded by people they enjoy and they feel that their voice is heard. When your team is involved in the interviews and hiring process, their interaction with the candidate could be a strong selling point.

3. Your team = your company.

Your team members know both the company and the exciting elements of the open position. Potential candidates will view how they interact as a litmus test for credibility. Your team can also help alleviate concerns that a candidate may have about the opportunity, often more effectively than a superior can. The team around you is what makes up your company, and they can be great salespeople to new hires for your company.

4. Collaboration leads to easier on-boarding.

When the people around you have a say in a new hire, they also feel “ownership” of that hire. This sense of responsibility will keep people in an “all hands on deck” mentality to assist, train, and support the new person in their role. On top of that, the new hire can step into the role with confidence, because they know others were brought into the hiring process and have already shown support and consent. All this contributes to a seamless transition for everyone involved.

5. Collaboration helps culture.

Every time you hire collaboratively, it’s a culture win for your company. It reinforces unity and builds a culture of feedback, transparency, and everyone feeling valued. People on your team will know that they have a voice and are an important part of the vision you’re all working toward. Cultivating this sense of community will go a long in attracting and retaining the best of the best. Who doesn’t want an awesome work culture?


And There You Have It…

But it has to be purposeful, inspired and led by great leaders. Just like Prince and the — wait for it —

Revolution. Revolutionize and evolutionize your business. And remember that collaboration leads to success.

That’s where we come in. For more on the topic, take a look at “BOTH SIDES NOW” – AN ALTERNATIVE HIRING STRATEGY and until then…

Make your business rock!

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