“Welcome to the Grand illusion
Come on in and see what’s happening
Pay the price, get your tickets for the show.”


Music To Your Ears:

Here’s Why Job Boards Won’t Help You
Find And Hire High-Impact Talent (HIT®)


Styx told us a lot about the American “way”. And coming from Chicago where they grew up playing high school proms, they knew a thing or two about life in the real lane. No illusions.

And for most small business owners looking for transformational talent, that’s exactly what it is: something you think sounds good but step behind the curtain and you’ll see them for what they really are.

The problem is that job boards are to recruiting what Nickelback is to music: full of below average talent and everywhere you look. (Sorry any Nickelback lovers out there).Job boards are a waste of time. You will never convince me they are right for finding and contacting High Impact Talent. I have too much experience to say otherwise. And I’m not alone.

For example, in its 2016 Global Job Board Trends Survey, Job Board Doctor surveyed 211 job boards across the globe (nearly half U.S.-based). The survey revealed that 32% of job boards weren’t tracking the number of applications that paid postings received. In today’s data-driven market, this metric could be helpful to recruiters and hiring managers. For bigger companies looking for line-level workers.

But that’s not you. Job boards are a waste of time. YOUR time is valuable. You want to grow and have made a commitment to bringing the kind of transformational talent aboard that can take you to the next level of success. But you need a real strategy, not false promises.


You Need True, Quality Prospects, Not A Long List Of Suspects.


I’ll admit that job boards can seem like an attractive, low-cost method of getting the word out about your hiring needs. They promise to provide you with tons of leads. But remember that you are paying to post. That’s how the owners of those boards make their money – and plenty of it at that.

On average, a business owner will spend 30 to 60 hours on boards recruiting. The illusion is that they believe the right one is just another click away. Wrong. The reason it takes 30 to 60 hours is that the job boards suck up all their time! Does that sound attractive to you? Didn’t think so.

Still, some people don’t get it. Here’s what I’ve heard that makes me shake my head:


“Well, we’ve had a lot of interest and got a ton of applicants.”


Uh, no. This is the real head slapper for me. Volume isn’t the measure of success. Never was and for smart business owners like you, it never will be. And that’s the problem. It’s an illusion not a reality. And no, perception is NOT reality.

Think about it – have you ever spent most of your time, hours and hours and hours, reviewing resumes only to find “candidates” you can’t or would never hire because they had the wrong:

  • experience

  • education

  • background

  • skill set

  • ZIP, area or country code

Even the wrong contact information!

The last one is a real mind-blower. Wrong contact information? This why job boards are a gargantuan waste of your time.

Yet, this has somehow become the hip, awesome new way to “recruit”. But it’s not right for you. You want to “hire up” to improve quality, skills, training and onboard somebody has that “been there, done that” experience and the long-term vision and talent to get you where you want to go — and how you want to grow.


Key Hire Recruiting Talent-Tune Up Tip :


Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but High Impact Talent don’t use job boards. It’s true. The best people have well-earned reputations and the kinds of hard-to-find skill sets that only a solid network and a true, in-the-trenches detective can find for you.

For example, with Key Hire you might spend more time up front detailing what you need and crafting a recruiting strategy. But you will only get REAL CANDIDATES you want to contact and explore and more than likely hire. My clients are always relieved when what we promise is exactly what we deliver: quality candidates pre-screened to fit at least 80% or more of what you say they are looking for. 

So let’s live in the reality of recruiting for YOUR needs — and not get shiny-objectitis thinking the illusion of a job board is right for you.

It’s not. For more about what you shouldn’t do — and what you should — check out this post about hiring the right person https://keyhirerecruiting.solutions/ace-of-spades-how-to-hire-the-right-person

In the meantime, stay tuned into talent and …

Make Your Business Rock!


Corey Harlock
Principal Consultant

Make Your Business Rock!

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