“I’ve looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all”

Joni Mitchell


Here’s An Alternative Hiring Strategy That Will
Help Your Company Grow Faster And Stronger.

When The Parasites covered this timeless Joni Mitchell song, some people did a double take.  What the…?

I laughed because I loved it – I love the original – I love both!

And when it comes to hiring High-Impact Talent, there are also two sides to consider.


Which Side Of The Coin Are You On?

The classics are, of course, timeless. Everybody knows them. But sometimes what you really need is a different look at the same old song and dance, And in hiring for growth, maybe it’s time you really disrupt the status quo and look at hiring from an alternative point of view.

I tell my clients there are basically two dynamics to hiring new talent. One is traditional, the Joni Mitchell version if you will. In this approach, you look to grow talent from within or even people outside you think can “grow into your company”.

An alternative hiring strategy may be really what you need: talent your company can grow into. Something with new blood and vitality. Somebody who can be a positive agent of profitable change and growth. Make sense? Let me explain a bit more about these two strategies.


Hire Talent That Grows Into Your Company 

  • Investment. – Factor in training, mentoring and just plain investment in time but you still won’t see an immediate impact.
  • Capacity. Some candidates (very few in my experience) will have or even develop the capacity you need to grow your business on their own.
  • ROI. Requires lower investment but maximum time and no guarantees of success.


Your Company Grows Into Talent You Hire

  • Investment. Will be higher compensation which is unappealing to many.
  • Capacity. New hire will hit the ground running to reimagine process and strategies that set your company up for real growth
  • ROI. Higher investment but a higher return with minimal time invested increasing chances of significant ROI.

Three Dynamics To An Alternative Hiring

So when you think about what an alternative hiring strategy really is, I ask my clients to keep these three key dynamics in in mind …

1. New People Bring Fresh Perspective and New Ideas.
Hiring from within has positives. People know your system, culture and people. But this will ultimately reveal (quickly) their limitations. Why not inject new blood and see how far you can really go?

2. Great Line Workers Don’t Equal Great Leaders.
Sure, maybe you have a rock star or two in your midst. That’s awesome. But just because they rock what they do doesn’t mean they can rock your future. One of the biggest mistakes company leaders make is to take a great worker and promote them thinking they will be a great manager. Maybe. And only maybe. But not usually.

3.  What Is The Right Fit Mean?
Your company is going to change. But how? What is the right move to make that change real, profitable growth. Maybe you’ve tried hiring from within. Did it work? Was it their fault or were they placed in positions they just can’t handle? You need to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for (ask me about the Avatar Advantage® to help you create the ideal profile for new leaders). You may well find your best option is waiting for you outside your company walls.

I think you can see where this is going. You have to think about alternatives when looking to grow. And that may mean taking the bold (even scary) step of looking outside the company and being prepared to pay them what they are worth. For more on this topic, please take a look at You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

In the meantime, always be on the lookout for transformational talent so you can…

Make your business rock!


Corey Harlock
Principal Consultant


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